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The club, our members, visit many kite festival around the UK and the world flying not only the club display kites but a large selection of their own kites as well. The club and it’s members have kites of all shapes and sizes from a kite smaller than a postage stamp through to a life size blue whale over 30 meters long and lots in between. With a single string, duel and quad line sports kites and even some very strange 3 line kites.

We can often be seen flying at other non kiting events as an added attraction and to draw in crowds. If this is something that you think might be of interest to you or your event when you see, us come along and have a chat or e-mail chairman@brightonkiteflyers.co.uk  

When we are not flying at events we have a monthly fly-in on Telscombe Tye on the first Sunday of the month weather permitting, Just outside Brighton on the A259 toward Newhaven.